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Q: [A subscriber asked this question] When will the end times temple be built, wherein the abomination of desolation will appear? Large buildings take time to construct and according to this rendering of prophecy we only have months to go? 

A: First, John describes three men who represent the Beast authority, not two. He sees a First Beast, a Second Beast, and a False Prophet. Note that these terms are not used interchangeably even once in the book of Revelation. The False Prophet is referred to only twice, yet the two beasts are referred to 23 times before the first mention of a False Prophet in Chapter 16!  

We also need to understand what I call the "layering principle of prophecy" when discussing the meaning of 666.  Since each 6 is a proxy for the Dragon, anything one of them does or says can be attributed to either of the other two.

A passage of scripture that we think refers to the Antichrist might in fact be fulfilled by another member of the 666 trio -- either the first beast who comes before him (whom the Clock has identified as Barack Obama), or by his Rome-based False Prophet. 

Keep these points in mind as you read the following.

The Vatican is the whore in Revelation, thus we know the Pope to be the False Prophet. While the Pope is not the Antichrist figurehead, he does fulfill Paul's prophecy for he who sits in the temple as God, showing himself that he is God. The throne and temple are thus already built, meaning no future temple is required. This is discussed in the Q&A section of my book, The Clock of the Four Night Watches.

Since all prophecy is fulfilled in layers, it can be difficult to know whether or not a final layer is yet to come. For that reason, we have to consider the purpose of yet another temple now under construction by the Temple Institute in Jerusalem. Key interior sections of the new temple are already complete and ready to be moved onto a final prepared site.

It may be that the new King of England (the Antichrist figurehead identified on the Clock) will sit in a partially completed structure in Israel in the very near future, however this seems unlikely since the last temple is probably the temple Zechariah prophesied would be completed during the Millennial reign of Christ. I do not believe God will permit that final temple to be defiled.  

Finally, remember that the Clock end date is not the end of the Age, as our final generation may not conclude until the Fall Feast days of 2020. The Clock was never meant to give us the final "day or hour," it is about the imminence, not the exact timing, of future events. 

Q: How could we have entered Great Tribulation in 2014 as shown on the Clock without fulfillment of the 4th Seal, which prophesies a fourth of humanity dying as a result of war and famine?  Won't billions of people die during Great Tribulation?

A: If we read Revelation 6:8 carefully, we see that one quarter is applied to the Earth itself, not to a quarter of humanity. This means one fourth of the world's surface area will become plagued by these conditions. Our English mindset makes the leap that this refers to a rate of mortality, when in fact it is only referring to geography. I might add that even if one fourth of the human race does live on a fourth of the Earth, John is referring only to land mass, not the magnitude of death.

This same error of interpretation is made by many who read John's description of the 6th trumpet in Rev 9:14-18, where John's use of the word "anthropos" (translated "men") can be distinguished from use of the word "hapas," (translated "all") by Jesus in Luke 17:27, pointing to those who died in the flood, meaning the global community of Man. In fact, the word used by John is found throughout the NT and, except when specifically modified to convey "all men,"  is  translated either "man" or "men" in reference to those present to witness a local, rather than a global, event.

Let's look at one of many examples:

"But the MEN (G444) marveled, saying, What manner of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him!" (Matt 8:27)

Remember, this is the same Greek word used by John in Revelation 9:18, and here we see clear reference to a local event. Likewise, the military campaign referred to in Rev 9:15 is placed at the Euphrates in the Middle East, a very specific place on Earth where the global community of Man will not be present. It is during this battle that the lives of a third of those men seen by John are lost. So again, this passage should not be used to say that a third of all mankind will perish at the 6th trumpet. The truth is that the Seals are already open and the thief is already executing his Judgments upon Babylon before a "quick work upon the Earth will be cut short in righteousness." (Rom 9:28)

Let me add that the future plagues of war, famine, and other events prophesied in Revelation will claim untold millions of lives, however we cannot claim to know the exact ratio of mortality because this is not stated in the Bible.

Q: Since the Clock has identified Prince William as the "prince" (or Antichrist) seen in Daniel's vision, how will Obamas "covenant with many" fulfill Daniel's prophecy? 

A: I believe a future agreement between Israel and Antichrist will build upon the actions of Obama, whose purpose was only to set the stage. It no longer appears that Jerusalem will be divided, as Israel's new government seems more hardened against international pressure, and this will no doubt incite Israel's enemies to come against her.

We may reach the Psalm 83 war before Antichrist and Israel sign any future agreement, which is another reason the Second Beast promotes the First Beast, because the ground work laid by him gives Antichrist the platform he needs to launch his own ambitions for world domination, and what better arena from which to begin than the Middle East?

Now that Barack Obama has been identified as the First Beast of Revelation, we see the Second Beast (Antichrist) being moved into position. I expect the new King of England to actively support President Obama and his political initiatives, both those affecting Israel and other nations of the world, especially following a near-fatal head wound to Obama as prophesied in Revelation 13:3.

The Apostle John says the Beast will arise from the abyss to persecute the woman (which I believe refers to Israel), kill the two Witnesses, and then make war with the Lamb. John is referring here to the Dragon, who is Lucifer in the guise of three men who together embody the role of Antichrist.

The False Prophet is first mentioned in Revelation chapter 16, but never interchangeably with the term "beast" in the earlier passages. I believe him to be a separate individual, one of THREE personalities who together embody the Role of Antichrist. I believe our current Pope will act as the False Prophet in support of both Barack Obama and the Second Beast, whose command of vast military forces will fuel his quest for world dominion. These three men represent a blasphemous emulation of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, which is the meaning of 6-6-6.

After the near-fatal head wound described in Revelation 13:3, Obama will be in no position to engage in the kind of sweeping military campaigns described by Daniel, nor is the Pope in command of such forces himself. The Second Beast, however, is prophesied to exercise ALL the power of the First Beast (Rev 13:13) referring not only to his base of political authority but also to his command over military and civilian Law. Antichrist will enforce civilian registration using a permanent MARK, without which no one may buy or sell. He will also bring global adulation (worship) to the IMAGE of the disabled Obama, which I believe to be a synthetic facsimile using advanced robotics, in order to rally public support for his programs.

Q: Is Barack Obama the Antichrist as so many believe?

A: No, but Obama is a key figure whose agenda will be promoted by the Second Beast, the Man seen by Daniel we refer to as Antichrist. In reality, both the First and Second Beast are Antichrist, thus they are surrogates of one another. The First Beast becomes a caricature of himself through use of advanced robotics following a disabling head wound, prophesied by John in Revelation 13:3. The "body-double-Image" of Obama will then become a symbol of the New World Order used by the Second Beast to rally support for his tyrannical rule.

The most important prophecy yet revealed through the divine numerics of the Clock Prophecy is the identity of 666, discussed in Chapter 6 of my book, The Clock of the Four Night Wathes.  Please seek the Lord on how he wants you to share it!

Q: Your video on "Revealing Antichrist" has a disclaimer at the end: "Dates in this video are not predicted dates of fulfillment." What does that mean?

A: It means we don't know if there will be gaps in time after those dates before the events tied to them take place. While the Clock is prophecy, only God knows the exact time of fulfillment.

Q: The media says Comet ISON no longer exists. Will you be updating the ISON section of your website? Is ISON still important prophetically?

A: ISON continues to be of great prophetic importance! This section of the website has now been updated.

Due to fragmentation of Comet ISON after its November perihelion, Earth is  now exposed to hundreds, possibly thousands, of meteorites moving past our planet over a period of months or even years. The risk is that some of this debris will be captured by Earth's gravity and dragged along before falling into our atmosphere.

Although ISON's physical structure has changed, its appearance as the "angel" seen by John in Revelation 10:1 has been proven mathematically using Daniel's Master Prophecy Number, a divine numeric that plots the events of Revelation on the Clock of the Four Night Watches! 

Again, the Clock was not figured out by me, it was revealed during a divine visitation when Yeshua appeared to me in my home in the Spring of 2010. All the glory goes to Him.

Q: Your recent video on the approaching Blood Moon in April of 2014 connects Revelation 12:1 to this event, however a planetary alignment with Jupiter in 2017 also points to fulfillment of this passage. Are we looking for fulfillment in 2014 or in 2017?

A:  I believe that all prophecy is fulfilled in layers, meaning fulfillment can spread across several years while these signs are appearing.

The Revelation 12:1 passage fell on the Clock at the same time as the first Blood Moon in 2014, however prophecy is rarely fulfilled in one 24-hour day.

There might well be gaps in time after these Watch points arrive on the Clock, which is why Jesus told us to keep vigil in the night Watches.

Q: How do you feel about those who are predicting the Rapture will occur on Rosh Hashanah in 2015, or Rapture on Hanukkah in 2017?

A: We should not predict the date of the Rapture because according to Jesus, we know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of Man cometh. It may happen *before* the arrival of these dates. If we hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches, we share the testimony of Jesus and help others prepare for his return.

Q: Does our modern calendar distort the biblical timeline?

A: I see no evidence that we need to adjust the hebrew calendar.  Note the fact that four tetrad (blood) moons fell on (non-adjusted) calendar Hebrew feast days in 2014 and 2015, a clear indication that God is using the modern hebrew calendar as a witness to this final generation.

Nor is it necessary for the Rapture to occur on a Hebrew feast day at all, that is why Jesus said it would take place on a day and at an hour we would not think. That's one reason I believe the early Raptures will begin on a NON-Hebrew feast day.

Q: Do you believe the Second Coming may occur in 2016?

A: Yes, I believe Jesus may re-enter Jerusalem on a day of Sukkot in late October of 2016. In whatever year he returns, it must occur during Sukkot, or Tabernacles in fulfillment of the 7th Feast Day according to scripture. Both orthodox and Messianic Jews (including Mark Biltz), believe Jesus must return on a day of Sukkot at the end of the Age.

Note: While the Clock of the Four Night Watches came about during a divine visitation of Jesus Christ in my home in 2010, I don't know the date of any future event. I take issue with anyone who claims they can know the date of the Rapture, or the timing of any other prophetic event, as this would contradict the words of Jesus. Don't trust anyone who claims (or suggests) they have been annointed by God to reveal an actual date for the Rapture of the Church! 

Q: Does ISON point to the identity of the Antichrist?

A:  Please see the "face image" on the ISON Pictogram page (LINK) and read my article, "The Beast: His Mark, His Image" using the link from the main page. Due to poor resolution, I removed the ISON "face" video, but I do believe the ISON image reveals the face of the first Beast.

We forget that John prophesied TWO Beasts will appear during these end times. The man we refer to as Antichrist is actually the second Beast of Revelation, while the first Beast will be linked to a robotic image of himself following a near-fatal head wound, incapacitating him. Revelation 13 gives a description of BOTH individuals.

Note that we reach the final decree for the head wound event in late summer of 2014. The MARK will be close behind!

Q: Are ISON and Wormwood the same object, and what about the three days of darkness?

A: I believe that part of ISON's debris field contains the Wormwood meteor (or it may be yet another comet), which John describes in Revelation 8 as a star from heaven like a burning lamp. The Clock indicates a period of 144 days separating the 6th and 7th Seals, so I don't expect Wormwood to hit before the summer of 2014. Many smaller meteors out of ISON are likely to fall first.

John makes no reference to 3 days of darkness, so there is no decree for this on the Clock.  There is, however, a decree for the sun to turn "black as sackcloth of hair" at the opening of the 6th Seal. I believe this points to massive amounts of volcanic ash in the atmosphere set off by meteors falling to Earth (a result of debris from ISON), obscuring the Sun AND moon (Rev 6:12) for several days or weeks.

I see nothing in scripture suggesting a CME or solar flare leading to power outages before the Rapture. This may happen later when the "seat of the Beast" is covered in darkness (Rev 16:10), the decree for which falls in the Summer of 2015.

Q: What is ISON's status and should we still expect ISON to reach the Earth?

A: ISON originally appeared as an object made up of about 16 separate pieces, and while some claim that ISON has dissipated due to its change in configuration, visual evidence suggests only that ISON is no longer a comet. What this means is that ISON is now greatly fragmented and no longer has a tail. We have photographic evidence that ISON is now an enormous collection of meteorites moving away from the sun and passing not far above the Earth. My earlier statement that ISON would arc further around the Sun has come true, that is why there was a delay in sighting the comet after it first went out of camera range during Perihelion. This should mean that ISON will take a bit longer to reach its nearest point of intersection above the orbital path of Earth, plus the fact that its trail of debris is many millions of miles long. This points to a greater period of total exposure as ISON's physical remains and the Earth come closer together. 

In Revelation 10:2,5, John writes that the "angel" will rest one foot upon the Earth and one foot upon the sea, and this may point to physical contact between the Earth and ISON. It will also release the 7 thunders of Rev 10:3,4, which John was told to put under seal until these last days.

Please understand that God fulfills prophecy in ways we don't expect, so be prepared for surprises along the way!

Q: You have said that the Clock of the Four Night Watches is based primarily on the "Clock of Revelation."  Where are we now in the book of Revelation on the Clock?

A: We are in a gap of time between chapter 6 and chapter 10, due to a gap in time between the decree for the opening of the 3rd through 6th Seals and their fulfillment. It's pretty remarkable that we are also between verses 6 and 10 in Matthew 25, in which the virgins await their bridegroom between Midnight and the Marriage, exactly where we are on the Clock of Revelation! [Note: It is currently 2:16AM on the Clock of the Four Night Watches (as of JAN 1 2014) and that most ominous 3AM Hour is coming up fast. 3AM falls in July of 2014. At that point, we will be entering chapter 13 and the rise of the second Beast.]

I am persuaded that the early Raptures are tied to the arrival of Comet ISON, whose appearance by decree was ALSO its point of fulfillment in REAL TIME!  I marvel at how God is weaving these passages into one another in such a way that certain fulfilled events are key to bringing events earlier in Revelation to pass!

Note that ISON's fragmentation into meteorites is unlikely to impact the Earth directly. Instead, I believe our planet's gravity will capture a small percentage of these and pull them down slowly after a period of months. Some of them could also strike the moon. 

On the evening of November 23, 2013, we reached the end of Revelation 10:8 (verse 172) in which John is told, "Go and take the little book out of the hand of the angel." We now know this to be the angel John sees in verse one of the same chapter!  In the ISON section under "Special Update," please see a new image from the negative of ISON, which shows the image of a man holding a small book in his hands, a depiction of the "little book" John eats before being told he must again prophesy!

The part of the verse quoted here and in the video actually fell on November 20, 2013. The decree by the angel in verse 11 that John must prophesy again falls in early December of 2013. What period of time may separate this final decree from its fulfillment I don't know, but we can be sure these gaps in time are coming to an end as we near the end point on the CLOCK!

Not only is ISON the angelic messenger that John describes in chapter 10 verse one, but ISON carries the proof of that message in the form of pictograms embedded in this object! The second Witness for this is the CLOCK itself, which prophesied the arrival of ISON and the Revelation of these images exactly as they came into view from the Earth:

Dec 17, 2010 + (2520 / 404) x 171.5) = NOV 20, 2013

[Note: The number "171.5" points to the middle of the 172nd verse of Revelation, which is Rev 10:8.  The master prophecy number in Daniel is 2,520, and the book of Revelation has 404 verses. This is according to the Lord's instruction to me during a divine visitation in the Spring of 2010.]

At the same time, we have now entered Psalms 71 on the Clock of Psalms, which is a remarkable mirror to the prophecies in the book of Revelation, with prophetic reference to John's re-appearance at the end of time in verses 18, 19, and 20. Indeed, Psalms 71:20 is mathematically linked to Revelation 10:11 by Daniel's master prophecy number, which is how we know it refers to the Apostle John. Both passages fall into their final decree in the month of December, 2013. Whether the Apostle John will be revealed at that time is known only to the Father, but John is here now.

[Update: As of Nov 23, 2013, ISON has entered the constellation Libra, which clearly points to the scales of Revelation 6:5 and the opening of the 3rd Seal. Since this is tied directly to the start of the early Rapture, the bride of Christ should begin her departure any day or hour!]

In part 4 of the "Rapture 2013: The Clock Prophecy Unfolds" video series, I show 7 prophecies linked from the book of Revelation to an equivalent prophecy in the book of Psalms, including the one pointing to John's return. These links affirm the CLOCK Prophecy I received from Jesus Christ when he appeared to me in 2010. 

Regardless of the day, our bridegroom is very, very close! 

Q: Are you now expecting the early Rapture to begin in 2014?

A: Yes. I believe the early Raptures are likely to begin any moment with the opening of the 3rd Seal. We have an upcoming decree for early Resurrection in Rev 11:11 that falls in February, so stay tuned! Please read chapter 4 of my web book for an explanation of the most amazing of Jesus' parables pointing to early Rapture, or "paralambano," the reception of his bride through the door into the Marriage! A late Rapture in the Spring or Summer of 2016 (where the Clock Prophecy ends) will "catch up" all the saints who remain at that time, the "harpazo" at the last trump prophesied by Paul. Rather than one Rapture, there are two.

Q: In your recent article, "3rd Watch Special Update," you suggest that Great Tribulation should begin by late May of 2014, however the CLOCK you were shown ends on September 2, 2016.  How can Daniel's final week be fulfilled in just 826 days separating these two points in time? 

A: In Matthew 24:22, Jesus says, "...but for the elect's sake, those days shall be shortened."  Of course, any start date later than March 22, 2013 (a key date in the Clock Prophecy) brings fulfillment of this passage because that day fell 1,260 days before the end date on the CLOCK. Since the 6th Seal has not yet opened, we know that Great Tribulation has not yet begun, however both are imminent. Those left behind can take comfort in the fact that this time of trial will be shortened to less than 32 months. (Note: there are 8 events required to complete the Lord's return, and his descent upon the Mount of Olives falls outside the CLOCK Prophecy, probably by about 7 weeks. Please read chapter 7 of my web book for a list of those events.)

Q: What about the 7 year Tribulation?

A: Let's look at what the hebrew text of Daniel actually says.  It says that Messiah will be cut off after the 69th week, however it does not say what portion of the 70th week may have been fulfilled by his testimony to the house of Israel during his ministry to them.  Can we imagine that the Lord's witness to the seed of Abraham fell outside the prophetic timeline? Based on my understanding of the CLOCK prophecy, Jesus fulfilled 1,064 days of the final week of Daniel through his testimony to the Jews, leaving 1,456 days to be completed before He liberates Jerusalem at the battle of Armageddon. This was an ingenious fulfillment of Matthew 24:22 and the "shortening of days" even before the Lord's death and resurrection! I believe the Feast of Trumpets in 2012 marked the resumption of Daniel's final week, and that this will conclude with fulfillment of Revelation 19:15 in late 2016, where the CLOCK Prophecy ends.

Q: In your latest updates, you point to the opening of the 3rd Seal and how this marks the beginning of the Early Rapture.  Is there a scripture in the Bible supporting that?

A: I believe there are two scriptures supporting it, one in the book of Matthew, and the other in the book of Revelation. In Revelation 6:5,  John describes a black horse, a pair of scales, and 3 measures of barley plus a measure of wheat for a penny. I believe this points to the parable of the vineyard workers in Matthew 20:1-16, in which each man receives a penny in exchange for his labors in reaping the harvest, but not in the order of his hire. Please read Chapter 4 of my web book for why some saints are referred to as barley, others as wheat, and others as grapes!

Q:  You said that Psalm 45 is a prophecy for the Marriage of the Lamb that was to begin as early as October 20, 2012. Do we know how much longer before the early Rapture, or Paralambano?

A:  The Lord Jesus showed me a vision of the Holy Spirit leaving the Earth after the opening of the 6th Seal, something that greatly surprised me. I had always expected the Rapture to occur before the the opening of the FIRST Seal. I believe the 6th Seal will open near Christmas of 2013, however it may open in the new year and lead immediately to the start of Great Tribulation, just as the CLOCK shows (most likely in late Spring or early Summer.) Please understand that the Clock is not a stopwatch, but a Guide for these end times.

Q:  You say the seals began to open in August of 2012 on day 600 of the Four Night Watches.  What is the significance of day 600 and what day was it?

A:  Day 600 of the Four Night Watches fell on August 8, 2012 (Dec 17, 2010 + 600) and is tied mathematically to Revelation 6:1. [See the "Clock Prophecy Unfolds" video series for exactly what this means.] This divine concordance of prophecy also points to Noah, who was 600 years old at the time of the Flood! Just as Noah was given seven days of warning before the start of the Flood, the Clock of the Four Night Watches covers the "beginning of Sorrows" (1st and 2nd Watches) and the Great Tribulation (3rd and 4th Watches), during which the 7 Seals of God's Wrath are released upon mankind. Note that in the first quarter of 2011, immediately after the start of the Four Night Watches on December 17, 2010, we saw the Mid-East uprisings that began with Egypt and continued moving quickly throughout the region. This was the "beginning of sorrows," which will end with the Start of Great Tribulation in 2014. [Note: I now believe that Great Tribulation will begin with the 6th Seal during the first half of 2014.]

Q: What is the evidence that the first seal opened August 8?

A:  On August 8, 2012, South Africa experienced its greatest snowfall in  history, with up to 70 cm (28 inches) across 9 provinces, a crown of snow covering some 450,000 square miles of land mass!  This was an ingenious fulfillment of the Revelation passage pointing to the crown of divine authority given to our Lord Jesus Christ, who now goes forth to conquer the kingdoms of this world! [SEE EXHIBIT]

Revelation 6:1,2: "And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals... a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer."

The rider of the white horse carries a bow, which like falling snow, conveys only a sense of beauty and awe. But snow has the power of life and death, first by disrupting our ability to gather food, then by bringing famine, cold, and misery.

The color white is symbolic of divine Judgment, pointing to Jesus Christ as the rider of the white horse, and the crown given to Him, in this sign of His divine Authority, a crown of snow! Evidence of this edict for Him to go forth and conquer the kingdoms of this world was the fall of Mohammed Mursi in Egypt as well as the delay of military action in Syria in September of 2013. Even the photograph circulated by the Johannesburg Zoo on August 8, 2012 was a sign from GOD that the first Seal opened on that day (see the Exhibit section of my Web-book, The Measure of Days.) This image has been seen by millions of people around the world. YAHWEH chose this particular lion to represent the Lion of Judah, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as He begins to take back what is rightfully His! The manner in which I was made aware of this event was also divinely orchestrated, as an unidentified caller notified me of it by telephone the morning of August 8, 2012. I have never been able to determine the identity of that caller. [Note: There is no passage of scripture anywhere in the bible associating the Man of Sin, satan, or any of his agents, with a literal or symbolic white horse. By contrast, the bodily return of Christ was prophesied by him in Matthew 17:11 and Revelation 11:15 to begin with the "restoration of all things," and that fulfillment is indicated by symbolic reference in John's description of a white horse immediately after the Lamb is seen opening the first Seal. Physical fulfillment in the material realm comes only after spiritual fulfillment in the spiritual realm, as GOD ALWAYS GOES FIRST!]

Please understand that this date in 2012 was not random, but was rather prophesied two years earlier, long before the arrival of day 600 on the Clock of the Four Night Watches, and connecting this event to the great Flood of Noah, who was 600 years old in the year of the Fall of God's Judgment.  The Seals are opening!

[NOTE: Using a library of hard to find reference books on the Bible, a friend did some research for us on the word "bow." In various artwork, the bow (carried by the rider of the white horse, Rev 6:2) is depicted as the size of a modern archer's bow, but that is not consistent with a study of the period. John was far more likely to have seen a "bow of the gods," a divine but symbolic artifact of great length, a "bow" requiring supernatural strength of the warrior who carries it. This underscores that the rider of the white horse can be none other than Jesus Christ!

Q: What does this tell us about when the Rapture takes place? 

A: It tells us there is an overlap of the Parlambano and the opening of the Seals. I have been just as surprised by this as many of you.

It is my understanding that the "beginning of sorrows" will end where the 6th seal begins, as this will mark the beginning of God's wrath (Rev 6:17) upon mankind. We know that the barley saints are first to be taken (Matthew 20:16), followed by the wheat harvest (Luke 12:36) since in the Luke passage the Lord's return is AFTER the wedding! Read Luke 12:47-48 and pray to experience your redemption at the earliest possible time appointed for you, for God can and does change appointments! Also, remember that being "raised up at the last day" does NOT refer to a 24 hour period of time, but to the "day of His coming," which has already begun! 

Q: If the seals have indeed begun to open, are we now in the Tribulation, or are we in the Great Tribulation?

A: We will continue to be in the "beginning of sorrows" until the start of Great Tribulation, which on the CLOCK begins in 2014. We are fortunate to see through this divine prophecy that the 42 month period of Great Tribulation is not part of a seven year "Tribulation" (as I myself had believed before the visitation of the Lord Jesus), but rather follows the period Jesus referred to in Matthew 24 as the "beginning of sorrows." This shows, I believe, that the 70th Week of Daniel was partially fulfilled by the testimony of Jesus to the house of Israel (see Chapter 7 of my Web book, The Measure of Days), showing that the Lord's ministry was likely a period of 1,064 days. It is my belief that on Sept 7, 2012, the 70th week of Daniel resumed, and will end at the end point on the Clock of the Four Night Watches in the second half of 2016.

Q:  What do you mean by prophetic "dates of decree" and their fulfillment?  

A:  All prophecy is fulfilled after one or more, and usually several, prophetic decrees, especially decrees of Judgment. Many Old Testament prophesies regarding the last days came long before John's account in the book of Revelation, which prophesies the same events.  The Clock of the Four Night Watches is a divine revelation of Jesus Christ that began with God's final decree for the rebirth of Israel on May 11, 1942, six years before it manifested. The prophecy Calendar dates for August, September, and October at the website (and in my video, Revelation Seal One Opens) are final dates of decree for the first group of Seals, which are now opening. The Clock points to fulfillment of Revelation 10:7, when "time should be no longer," meaning that gaps in time between dates of final decree and their fulfillment are coming to an end. In some cases, the two will converge at exactly the same time, while in others they will not.  As you study the Clock Prophecy, remember that dates of final decree and their dates of fulfillment may not be the same! Except for the start and end dates for the Clock I received from Jesus in 2010 when He appeared to me, I don't know specific dates of fulfillment for these events. Fulfillment of Revelation 19:15 (which is one of 8 events associated with the Second Coming, but not the last, see Chapter 7 of my Web-book) falls on the Clock end date, which is September 2, 2016.

Q: Your video in APRIL prophesied 5 months between the fall of "Midnight" in late May and the Marriage of the Lamb this Fall, yet you said the "paralambano" (early "rapture") would be complete by the end of Spring in 2012.  What happened?

A: When the Lord told me that "midnight" would fall in late May, I expected fulfillment of Matthew 25:10 before the seals opened in August. We are currently between the 6th and 10th verses of the virgin parable, which prophesies the "early Rapture," or Paralambano of Christ’s bride, sometime after Midnight. As of August 8, 2012, the first seal has opened, and now we are at 2AM on the Clock, where the 3rd Watch is about to begin, in late October of 2013. I believe we are about to enter the 10th verse of the parable when those who are prepared will finally enter the bridegroom chambers into the Marriage! If you have seen my videos on Comet ISON, you know why I believe the Early Rapture is imminent!  

Q: What is the meaning of Psalm 41 beginning on August 25?


Q: You refer to the Clock of Psalms and the Clock of Revelation, yet there is only one Clock.  How does this work?

A: These two books of scripture were written about 800 years apart, yet they vector mathematically to the same events on the Clock of the Four Night Watches at the same time on our solar calendar!  As with Hebrew bible codes, the Clock vectors are divinely embedded, affirming the opening of the first seal in August of 2012 and the return of Jesus Christ four years later. (Note: The Clock does not state a "day and hour" for either the Rapture or Second Coming.)

Q: You say that Psalms 40:7 prophesies the opening of the seals.  What is the meaning of the passage, "Lo, I come, In the Volume of the Book it is written of me?" (Psalms 40:7) and when exactly does that occur?

A The "Volume of the Book" is the totality of God's written Word, however since this phrase was used before most of the scriptures were written, it is also prophetic. When David penned his song, He was already King, a well known figure in Judah.  There is only one person in human history that merits this level of notoriety, and that is the person of Jesus Christ, the Living Word, the source of Rhema (written word) pointing to HIM.  This key prophetic passage in Psalms begins shortly before midnight on August 13 and ends around 6AM (EDT) on August 15, 2012.  Read this passage and you will find it is not part of the narrative surrounding it, as it was divinely embedded as a prophecy for this time.

The fact that this passage also vectors to Revelation 6:1,2 ON THE CLOCK and the opening of the first seal, tells us that the rider on the white horse is the Lord Jesus Christ. There may, as well, be an overlay to the first Beast who symbolically rides a "white horse" in his conquest of others using flatteries and words of "peace." The opening of the 7 Seals beginning in 2012 is therefore a part of the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ! Time is up for the kingdoms of this world!  [Click HERE for August through October Prophecy Calendar, but remember that dates of decree and dates of fulfillment are not the same!] 


Q:  What is the meaning of the word "ensign" in the Psalms passage, Psl 74:4 and what does this passage (verses 1-10 of that Psalm) prophesy for our time on the Clock of the Four Night Watches?  

A:  An ensign is a chevron, banner or flag designating allegiance to a nation, army, or other authority.  In this case, it is a divinely embedded warning that the Church will be physically destroyed (burned and dismantled) by the Beast system (under an ensign or flag unique to that regime) during the Great Tribulation. ON THE CLOCK, the decree for this falls in the first half of 2014. Years 2014, 2015, and 2016 will be the most horrendous in Church history.

Q: When will the first BEAST be revealed?

A: I believe his identity may be known as early as August, 2012, but not later than the Spring of 2013. However, most will not be convinced of his identity until after fulfillment of Revelation 13:3, when the beast receives, and recovers from, a near-fatal head wound, which on the Clock of Revelation occurs as early as August of 2014. First, we will see the opening of the 6th Seal, a global disaster that will take the lives of millions of people (most of them, I suspect, in the island nations.) This event now appears tied somehow to ISON, which will be at its closest to Earth on Christmas day in 2013!

Q:  There is a lot of talk about the return of the Nephilim.  Does the Clock say anything about this?

A:  Yes.  CLICK HERE for a Clock exhibit pointing to this
event.  I refer to Nephilim as the "Pretenders," fallen angels and their human-hybrid demons posing as ETs. They are also shown in Section 11 of this website in images divinely embedded in the Egg Nebula.  

Q:  What about Elijah?  Is he here yet?

A:  I was shown a vision in which Elijah comes into Heathrow outside London during the International Olympics.  It may have been his craft that flew over the London Olympics in late July. The second Witness is here now, as well. The second Witness is the Apostle John.  A Clock exhibit prophesying this may be put up a little later. While it is somewhat confusing, the prophet Daniel is here also (Daniel 12:13.)  I believe there will be a fourth returning prophet, but I don't know his identity.   



Q: What does it mean that Psalm 41 began on August 25?

A-1: We are currently in the 41st Jubilee since the birth of Christ, which will be cut short by His return in 2016.  In an inaugural fulfillment of this Jubilee, we will also experience His appearance as our Bridegroom before the Marriage of the Lamb (Psalm 45), which on the Clock is vectored to October 2012.  We are currently in Psalm 41 on the Clock (and will be until early evening on September 7), thus a "cutting short" that begins at the end of Psalm 41 would (I believe) prophesy the taking of His bride, fulfilling the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:10!  Please see the article, "The Vineyard Parable, A Prophecy for the Bride," under "Prophecy Notes," for what Jesus said about the timing of this event!

A-2: The book of Psalms (like Revelation) is a Clock, with each verse representing an increment of time that began December 17, 2010, the tenth of TEVET.  It has taken about 617 days for us to reach Psalm 41, which is just several days (verses) past the most important (I believe) prophetic verse in the Old Testament, Psalm 40:7.  (I cover the importance of that verse in one of the Q&As above, as well in my most recent video.)

A-3: The book of Psalms is divided into 5 thematic books. The first of these is the Genesis Book, which ends with Psalm 41. The second is the Exodus book, which deals with the nation Israel.  What this means is that the Church age is ending (I believe) at the conclusion of Psalm 41, which takes place in the early evening (Jerusalem time) of September 7, 2012. I believe this may bring the first evidence of "paralambano" for those chosen to experience this -- the receiving of the bride of Christ before the Marriage Feast in the King's Palace! [Those who are part of the Wheat harvest may go a bit later, as the Wedding is likely to continue well into 2013.]

Q: Is there prophetic significance in President Obama's recent and public recitation of Psalm 46? 

A:  Psalms 46 points to late October and November, and will manifest once the 6th Seal has opened, which may occur before the end of 2012. Due to the severity of this event, I expect enforcement of martial law in most parts of the world as the 6th Seal gets underway, fulfilling Luke 21:35 practically overnight.  Since the U.S. Presidential elections are now behind us, authorization of President Obama to continue his presidency for an additional 42 months (Rev. 13:5) may refer to a Congressional decree next Spring under "Continuity of Government" as the 6th Seal takes its toll.


Q: Many believe that Barak Obama is the Beast tyrant of Revelation.  Did the August 2, 2012 event identify him as such, and did he commit the Abomination of Desolation that day?

A: I believe what happened on August 2 is an inaugural fulfillment of the Daniel prophecy, meaning I expect the Beast to declare Himself God from the temple mount in Jerusalem in 2014, which is indicated on the Clock and vectored mathematically to Revelation chapter 13. Prophecy is often fulfilled in layers one layer at a time, and while this recent event has prophetic significance for America as described in Jonathan Kahn's book, The Harbinger, the end is "not yet."  

Q:  Why do you say the Great Tribulation can't begin this summer, despite prophesying the seals are to be opened this summer?

A:  There are two reasons.  First, the end of 42 months of Great Tribulation must fall within the Feast Days of the year in which the Lord returns. In other words, the Great Tribulation must begin in the Spring of the third year before His coming.  Jesus won't return in the month of February. Second, the Lord Jesus marked September 2016 as the year of His return in 2010 when He appeared to me, and on the Clock that means Great Tribulation begins in the Spring of 2013. This will be day 826 of the Four Night Watches (March 22, 2013) as the first trumpet of the 7th Seal is blown. (See EXHIBIT SECTION of the Web-book for where the seven seals + Daniel's 70th Week fall on the Clock!)

Q:  Are all the seals opening in 2012?

A:  I can only speak to dates of final decree, which point to the opening of  the first six Seals in 2012. The date of final decree for the 7th seal falls in the Spring of 2013 at the start of Great Tribulation, 42 months before the end date on the Clock, which is September, 2016. I believe the "beginning of sorrows" concludes with the events of the 6th Seal, just before the start of Great Tribulation. Modern church teaching has conditioned all of us to have very fixed ideas about all this, and especially about the timing of the Rapture (Paralambano) in relation to the opening of the seals. God is going to surprise ALL of us! "A day and hour you think not" means just that.  My personal watch dates for translation (please read my article, "The Prophecy of the Vineyard Workers" to understand why this won't be like the harpazo at the Second Coming), are now November 18, 2012 (Psalm 47:1) through November 24, 2012 (Psalm 47:7), due to the unusual nature of those passages. Be assured, the Lord is going to surprise each one of us with His timing!

Q: Will the Psalm 83 war occur this summer as part of the first five seals to open?

A: The Psalm 83 war is prophesied in the Clock of Psalms to occur in the summer of 2014, very close to the Abomination of Desolation when the Beast declares himself God on the temple mount.  We all want everything to happen now, but be patient, it's going to take four more years from now for all these things to play out!

Q:  Is it possible there could be Raptures during the third and fourth Watches?

A: Yes.  A verse in Revelation chapter 16 warns us to keep our garments, lest we be found naked.  This verse may refer to an early "harpazo" or "catching up" about a year before the Lord's return.  It is possible, beloved, that the entire duration of Great Tribulation will be a period of individually appointed Raptures and even Resurrections!

Q: Who is the man-child in Revelation and when is he born? 

A:  Since we all are related to one or more of the 12 tribes at this point in history, we are all "of the seed" of Abraham. That does not mean, however, that the 144,000 are not also ETHNIC Jews chosen to represent God's newly restored Israel. On the Clock of Revelation, the birth of the man-child is specifically vectored to the Spring of 2014, and I believe that is when the prophecy of Jeremiah that Paul referred to (Israel saved in a day) will be fulfilled.

Q: When are the 144,000 to be sealed and is this the man-child of Revelation?

A: On the Clock, the decree date for this event falls in December of 2012, during the 144 days of silence in heaven, "...about half an hour," which is 33 minutes on the Clock!  I believe the 144,000 are at least PART of the man-child of John's vision, but whereas this group of saints is numbered, John sees a much larger group of saints in heaven immediately afterward that "no man can count." The 144,000 may or may not be be a part of the larger group.    

Q:  Are the 144,000 Raptured?

A:  I don't know.  They are sealed just after the Marriage of the Lamb is decreed on the Clock of Psalms, with the Clock of Revelation putting their "birth" in the Spring of 2014. Because of this close timing, it's possible that the 144,000 are actually the barley harvest saints taken in early Rapture!  We'll know soon.

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