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John's Revelation describes several key players who are to appear before the return of Jesus Christ, particularly two world leaders during a period of political upheaval and world chaos. John sees a third individual he refers to as the "False Prophet," a major religious figure who supports the Beast system of world government now unfolding. This will quickly lead to the Great Tribulation, a period of up to 42 months prophesied by Jesus in Matthew 24 and Revelation 2:21.

Are these individuals seen by John merely symbolic, or do they represent real people? The narrative in Revelation clearly describes them as individuals (Rev 19:20), whereas the Clock Jesus showed me in 2010 suggests their identities may be uncovered as early as the Spring of 2013.

[Update: Please see my Video: "Rapture Watch 2014: The Abomination of Desolation" for the Clock fulfillment that gave an early affirmation of the identity of the FIRST Beast in the Spring of 2013. This occurred exactly 1,260 days before the end date on the Clock in late 2016!]

Update: The Clock has numerically identified Barack Obama as the First Beast of Revelation by marking January 20, 2018, as the end of a 42 month period beginning in Revelation 13:3. This is exactly one year past the date of the upcoming U.S. Presidential Inauguration, meaning congress will extend his authority for one year past January 20, 2017 following a near-fatal head wound, as prophesied in Revelation 13:3. Please read my March 14, 2015 update under "2015: Special Update" from the main page to understand why the First Beast is NOT the Antichrist but rather his forerunner. 

The following is what I expect to happen after the start of Great Tribulation and when the MARK becomes LAW, most likely in 2015. 

1) The First Beast will become seriously wounded during a failed attempt on his life. Although surviving his injuries (Rev 13:3), his will lose his ability to speak and may suffer paralysis.

2) This event will trigger the rise of the Second Beast, the man we call Antichrist, who will call for the disabled American President to be restored to public service by use of advanced medical science, hi-tech robotics, neural-based software, and other technologies.

Urgent: The Clock has now identified Prince William as the SECOND Beast of Revelation, who is Antichrist. See my latest videos and updates at the website for more information on his unannounced meeting with Barack Obama in the Oval Office. Whoever comes to the aid of the USA during its time of national crisis and brings about the MARK (population-wide chipping) will be the Antichrist!

3) A synthetic body (see image at top), will be constructed for the fallen leader using hi-tech robotics and neural software linking his brain to a life-like facsimile described by John as the IMAGE of the Beast!

If you remember the first episode of the early 1960s Star Trek series, it portrayed an officer paralyzed and confined to a hi-tech wheelchair linked by computer to the speech centers in his brain. This allowed him to answer questions without physically speaking. Stephen Hawkings was obviously a real life example of this, showing how Satan can bring about the "IMAGE of the Beast" through robotics after the first Beast's disabling head wound. Satan does not have the power to resurrect the human body, he will deceive the public using science and hi-techology.

4) The "beast IMAGE " (which will stand and speak according to Revelation 13) may be remotely controlled using sensors responding to chemical precursors inside the brain of the First Beast (identified on the Clock as President Obama), similar to the manner in which Stephen Hawking (and others like him) were enabled to speak, move, and communicate using similar technology. This will follow a near-fatal head wound that Obama will survive but which will prevent him from appearing in public. The IMAGE is a synthetic body double or look-alike that will be featured in broadcast media to calm the public during a period of global war (now germinating in the middle east) and to promote the MARK, which will be required for access to our financial system.

IMAGE , I believe, will be a synthetic body double of Barack Obama described by John in Revelation as the "IMAGE of the Beast."  I expect this abomination to be featured in broadcast media to calm the public during a period of global war (now germinating in the middle east) and to promote the MARK , which will be required for access to all areas of our financial system.

5) The
MARK will be promoted as a kind of tribute to the fallen leader, making the human body itself part of his "beast network." This technology will also enable law enforcement to easily identify who is in compliance with the new laws and who is not.

The Beast
IMAGE will issue the legal requirement that everyone receive his MARK , or the number of his name. The second Beast, or  Antichrist, will enforce the mandate to receive the MARK , without which no financial transactions will be possible or lawful (Rev 13:17) 

Those who say the "Mark of the Beast" is just a metaphor are mistaken. The word used by St. John was the Greek charagma (G5480) and means a physical and VISIBLE tattoo, mark, or etching.  My friends, the MARK is a visual indicator of your allegiance to the Beast and his image! Those who enter the Great Tribulation must repent of their sins, refuse the MARK, and be willing to give their lives in witness to Jesus Christ. Very few will survive to experience the later Rapture ("harpazo") at the Lord's return in the second half of 2016. [Note: the late Rapture will likely occur in the Spring or Summer of 2016 before the final weeks leading to Armageddon.]

I hope you have prepared for the early Rapture, which is the "paralambano" prophesied by Jesus (Matthew 24:40,41, Matthew 25:6-10.)

Recently developed technology, called EED (see image at top of page) does not require insertion of a computer chip beneath the surface of the skin, it adheres directly to the skin's surface and is more easily scanned. Will this be the technology used by the Beast to identify individuals who are in compliance with the new laws? Since more than one technology may be used, we should refuse any and all chipping technology regardless of the government mandate or promotion behind them. 

God bless you,
Peter John 

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