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Is it possible for us to know what time it is on God's prophetic calendar using the divine numerics of scripture? In our study of the end times, I want to discuss two important questions that are rarely addressed by modern teachers of Bible prophecy.

First, what is the true length of a biblical year?

Second, what exactly do we count FROM?

Relying on the majority opinion, we might conclude that God is using the Gregorian calendar to mark a 70 year generation from the re-birth of modern Israel in 1948 to the Second Coming of Christ as late as the year 2018.

Is God using our modern calendar to measure his prophetic timeline? Is the Gregorian calendar, unknown to the early and late prophets of the Bible, God's new counting method for time measurement?

I believe that God has maintained his original way of marking time and that this earlier calendar system known to the early prophets will guide us in answering each of these important questions. 

Scholars of the Bible are in agreement that Daniel's 70 weeks of years were based on the periodic lunar phases, alloting exactly 360 days per year in a 13-month lunar-based calendar. This is why the critical 70th Week of Daniel's prophecy is -- according to Daniel himself -- equal to exactly 2,520 days. 

In the absence of biblical instruction to the contrary, I hope you can see that Daniel's moon-centric calendar applies to our understanding of prophetic fulfillment in the modern age the same as it did to the first coming of Christ more than 2,000 years ago!

The second question in our study may be a little more complex, but it is just as critical to our understanding of how prophesied events will unfold in the 21st century.

We might ask why it is that modern bible prophecy teachers ignore the biblical principle of counting time from points of prophetic decree (as Daniel was instructed) and count instead from event to event?

More to the point, we want to know if counting forward in time from past prophetic decrees will give us a greater ability to know the placement of future prophesied events on our modern calendar!

In my book, I teach that God is counting from a point of decree to mark the start of our Final Generation, not unlike Daniel's account of prophesied events in his own book of prophecy. It is this final generation of human government prophesied by Jesus that I want to examine using the principle of time measurement found in the book of Daniel.

Daniel gives us the information we need
to identify the critical decree for the re-birth of a modern Jewish state that Jesus said would mark the beginning of the last generation of human government on Earth! 

You have probably never heard of this seminal event in modern Jewish history, for one because modern bible prophecy teachers seem to be completely unaware of it!

I am referring to a date in 1942 at which Israel's first prime minister, renowned statesman David Ben-Gurion, rejected the Balfour declaration in favor of a new framework that came to be known as the Biltmore Program. This new framework called for a Jewish commonwealth that made the birth of modern day Israel possible.

This decidedly Jewish declaration was strongly opposed by the British, despite the fact that Britain had brokered the Balfour Declaration more than two decades earlier

Even today, students of bible prophecy are taught that the Balfour Declaration was the instrument used by God to bring about the rebirth of modern Israel, but the truth is that it was made null and void in the Spring of 1942 and replaced with a Jewish declaration that had not previously existed!

I invite you to read my book, The Clock of the Four Night Watches, for more information on this pivotal event in history that remains unknown to most of today's prophecy students and therefore to those in the modern Church. It is the key to understanding why Jesus is coming sooner than most believe!

Keep in mind that when Jesus appeared to me in 2010 and showed me his Clock of the Four Night Watches, I had no knowledge of sabbatical years, the Jubilee, or any other Hebrew themes outside certain well-known Feast days and the lunar calendar.

The Clock end date in 2016 was not a result of study, research, or forethought by me, nor was its purpose to give us the day or hour of any future prophesied event. It was given to help us keep vigil and Watch as Jesus instructed and as we come to the end the age.

It is my hope in this review to show h
ow a purely mathematical application of the biblical calendar reveals the end of our current Jubilee in September of 2016, not in 2017 as taught by those who use the Gregorian calendar; and that we have now entered a period of "silence in heaven" (Rev. 8:1) immediately prior to the opening of the 7th Seal and the start of early Rapture!

The historical significance of the Jubilee is that it brought the release of all prisoners throughout the land of Israel, as well as the alleviation of all debts to its inhabitants during the year in which it occured. In Hebrew culture, Jubilee took place every 49th year and came to an end exactly one year later.

Despite the fact our current Jubilee has now ended, I believe we can expect God to fulfill the purpose of the Jubilee on behalf of his obedient children prior to the end of our Final Generation in the Fall of 2020!

Most of us understand the prophetic significance of the 6-day war of 1967, when Israeli forces re-captured the city of Jerusalem from the Egyptian armies during the summer of that year.  In fact, 50 years earlier in late 1917, British General Edmund Allenby was victorious in liberating Jerusalem from the Turks, bringing about the genesis of conditions necessary for the rebirth of modern Israel.

Many believe these two events demonstrated a prophetic fulfillment consistent with God's use of the Jubilee for the purpose of restoring Jerusalem to Jewish control.  If true, it means we have an important marker in time from which to count forward to a point very near the end of our Age!

Using June of 1967 as the start of a new Jubilee, we have only to count down to the next year of Jubilee using God's established count of days as defined in Daniel.  As before, we must avoid the Gregorian method of counting and count a year as 360 days, as shown in the calculation below:

6-Day War of 1967

June 5, 1967 + (50 x 360) = September 15, 2016

Our current Jubilee, which began in September of 2015, came to an end one year later in September of 2016. This does not mean that Christ was prophesied to return in 2016, as Jubilee is not a moedim or Feast day on the Hebrew calendar.

The physical return of Jesus must fulfill the final Feast of Tabernacles, also known as Sukkot, in the year of his coming, as explained in my book, The Clock of the Four Night Watches.

Remember that the "shortening of days" prophesied by Jesus in Matthew 24:22 is for the purpose of preventing the destruction of all flesh, which is why the length of Daniel's 70th Week was offset by the period of the Lord's ministry to the Jews before his own death. It is also why John refers only to a period of 42 months in the book of Revelation. See Chapter 4 of my book for a more detailed discussion of this important topic.

Many are persuaded that a biblical generation is equal to exactly 70 Gregorian years, however the Psalmist had no knowledge of our modern calendar when he wrote in Psalms 90 that our days are between 70 and 80 Hebrew years!

The length of a generation is not a fixed number and, as explained above, must be based on the length of a biblical year, or 360 days.
Since God does not change his way of counting, we have to adjust our way of counting to match His.  

A period of 80 Hebrew years multiplied by 360 days means the physical return of the Lord may occur between the Clock end date in 2016 and the final year of an 80-year generation, taking us to the Fall of 2020.

In 2008, an angel of Jesus delivered a message to me that our end time countdown began at a point of final decree almost six years to the day earlier than it was fulfilled. Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion uttered his prophetic declaration to "open the gates of Palestine" on this crucial date of decree, May 11, 1942.

It was two years later before I understood the meaning of this message, when Jesus appeared to me in person and told me where to find the document I was looking for.
That document is now archived at the end of the Introduction for my book, which I encourage you to read and share.

After the visitation in 2010, I researched the mathematics of the Bible in my desire to understand how the divine structure of the Bible had been used to create the Clock of the Four Night Watches. Nearly a decade later, I continue to be astounded at the depth of God's revelation through a measurement of time in his holy Word.

I pray this article has been a blessing to you and I look forward to seeing you in the New Jerusalem in the days just ahead!

Eternally yours,
Peter John Brandal

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