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September 16, 2017

Dear Friends,

In 2010, when the Lord Jesus showed me what He called His "measure of days," I knew nothing about the hebrew months. I was unaware of any connection between Noah, IYAR, and this particular time of the year. It was only later that I learned of these things, and it was the arrival of IYAR during the Spring months (using the religious calendar that existed at the time of Noah) that led me to believe the Rapture would occur in the Spring of 2012.

Like you, I had to learn that the Clock is not a stopwatch!

As you may know, the final pair of a Lunar Tetrad (4 blood moons in succession) occurred on notable days of the Hebrew calendar in 2014 and 2015. While some have minimized the importance of this celestial event, I believe it brought us to the start of the remainder of Daniel's 70th Week yet to be fulfilled!

[Please see my book, The Clock of the Four Night Watches, for a complete break-down of what the Bible says about how Daniel's 70th Week was shortened by the period of the Lord's ministry to the Jews before his own death

Click here for pdf of the 7 Thunders of Revelation!

You will find an explanation of the Clock Jesus showed me when I saw him in 2010 by clicking the image of the Clock from the mainpage.  Jesus was pointing to Revelation 19:15 which describes the battle of Armageddon, an event I believe to be the war of Psalm 83 when Arab nations surrounding Israel attack the Jewish state.

This great battle will be one of eight events tied to the Second Coming, as shown on pages 118 and 119 of my book. While I don't know the day or hour of any future event, I do know that the Lord's return must occur during the final Feast day that remains to be fulfilled, which is the Feast of Tabernacles, or Sukkot. Jesus must return on a day of Sukkot in the year of his coming!

[Note: See discussion below for why Psalms 90:10 places the end of our Final Generation (and start of the Millennial reign of Christ) as late as the Fall of 2020!] 

While Jesus did not give me a date for the Rapture, I believe he taught early redemption for those who satisfy Luke 21:36 and Revelation 3:3. The "taking along" (G3880: paralambano / Matt 24:40,41, see Chapter 5 of my book) is a remarkable promise for EARLY entry into the Wedding of the King's Son. This event, however, will take place at a day and hour we think NOT..." (Matthew 25:13) therefore it cannot be calculated or "figured out" from a study of the ancient or modern calenders as some believe.

When I look at the Clock that Jesus showed me in the Spring of 2010, I see it very much the way you do, as if I am seeing it for the very first time. As I said from the beginning, the Clock is His, not mine.  Jesus told me that "midnight" would arrive on May 21, 2012, and that this would mark the end of the First Watch, a period of 521 days, or about 17 months. 

Most of us know that "midnight" (Matthew 25:6) pertains to the taking of Christ's bride, however Jesus did not say that His virgins go through the door at
"midnight," He says only that all the virgins are roused from sleep as the bridegroom tarried!  

Our bridegroom has now tarried much longer than most of us expected, including me, but I am convinced that our wait is at last coming to an end!

In reading the parable of the ten virgins, we find there is a period of delay after the "cry goes out," during which the virgins begin to debate among themselves about the condition of their lamps (hearts) before the bridegroom appears.

Have you checked to see whether or not your lamp is burning?
Have you been obedient to receive the Lord's baptism of fire by earnestly seeking your own personal Pentecost?

It is the fire of his baptism that changes the physical body into a spiritual body.  Those virgins without the fullness of God's Spirit will be as Elisha, who followed Elijah much later as a "companion virgin" (Psl 45:14), but not by Rapture. This is why Jesus said we should be as men who wait for their Lord when he will return FROM the wedding!" (Luke 12:36)

[Please see my article on the four-part harvest described by Jesus linked from the mainpage of this website for the identities of four groups soon to be harvested.]

On September 2, 2016, we entered the black ring portion of the Clock and continue to look for our bridegroom to appear.  Jesus said, " in the days (plural) of Noah, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be..." thus we know the Lord's coming for us is not confined to just one 24-hour day, and that is why he taught a 4-part harvest in his parable of the vineyard in Matthew 20!

Did you know that Noah and his loved ones sat locked inside the ark for seven days sitting on DRY GROUND before the waters began to rise? Jesus said, "Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of Man cometh." (Matt 25:13) God did not instruct Noah to reveal the date of his Judgment, as the masses had been given adequate warning for more than a century!

It was only after Noah and his family had entered the Ark that God (not Noah) closed them in and sealed the doors shut (Gen 7:16, Rev 3:7,8.)  I believe the bride of Christ has been sealed and that the ark doors for early Rapture are now being closed, but if there are minutes remaining, that is God's mercy upon those who would come aboard the Ark of salvation while there is still time!

In your review of the
Clock of of the Four Night Watches, you will learn of a divine link between the book of Revelation and the book of Pslams using Daniel's Master Prophecy Number, which is 2,520. You will see that this mathematical connection gives us the earliest point in time, but not the latest, for fulfillment of many critical events in the book of Revelation. It is an exciting time to be alive!

In closing, let me be remind you that the purpose of the Clock Prophecy in giving us dates to Watch is not to know the "day or hour" of any future event, but to help us keep vigil as the Lord Jesus instructed before he ascended into heaven.

God bless each one of you as you continue to Hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches:

"Behold, I come quickly!" (Rev 3:11)

Peter John Brandal


The 70 year generation many thought would end in 2018 was based on the Gregorian calendar, which was not used by the prophet Daniel, the Apostle John, or by Jesus. The hebrew year is only 360 days, and after 70 years, the difference between the two calendars is a full YEAR! In other words, if the 70 year generation theory counting from May, 1948 had been correct, the end point for "all these things" would not have been 2018, but rather 2017!

For those who embrace the modern church teaching of a 7 year Tribulation and a one-day-for-all Church Rapture on the first day of that 7 years, the above criteria would have required the Rapture to have occured by the Fall of 2010!

Read Chapter 4 of my book for why the 7 years of tribulation doctrine is not found in the Bible and why we should be counting from a date of decree in 1942 (not a date of fulfillment in 1948) for the rebirth of the modern Jewish state, and for the true length of a generation as a period of up to 80 Hebrew years! (Psl 90:10)

In the Spring of 2010, during a divine visitation, Jesus showed me a Clock of our time, which I describe in my free book, The Clock of the Four Night Watches.  I was given a specific date for when the Clock began, but not a date for the end of our Final Generation. I don't claim to know the date of the Rapture or any other future prophesied event. 

The Clock was given to mark the passage of four night watches also found in the four Gospels. For this purpose, I was told to use 2-hour segments of time for each Watch and not the customary 3 hours you may be familiar with.
Only later did I learn that the Romans used fewer hours of vigil depending on various factors, such as available daylight, for keeping Watch.

I believe the reason why Jesus told me to use two hour Watches was to account for his words in Matthew 24:22:  "But for the elect's sake, those days shall be shortened."  The Apostle Paul also prophesied a shortened period of time when he quoted the prophet Isaiah in Romans 9:28, who promised a "work cut short in righteousness" at the end of time.

The covenant with many in Daniel 9:27, taught by some to be an agreement between the Antichrist and the Jews, is thought to be a trigger for the Rapture at the start of Daniel's 70th Week. The truth is that Daniel 9:27 refers to the cutting off the Messiah (Jesus) near the middle of the final week, meaning Jesus "shortened those days" as promised (Matthew 24:22) by the period of his ministry to the Jews before his own death!

Chapters 4 and 5 of my book also explain why Jesus taught a divided harvest and not a one-day gathering as the modern church believes. Yes, there is a final day of gathering at the end, but the harvest itself begins long before that final day!

One key message of Daniel is that no one can calculate the exact date of the Lord's coming based on any prophetic fulfillment or else Daniel himself would have done so.

The earliest point at which the Rapture could have happened was at "Midnight" on the Clock of the Four Night Watches, which took place in the summer of 2012. The "thief" is doing exactly what He said He would do by breaking into the good-man's house at an hour of the night we think not!

Read Psalms 40:7 for the most important passage in Bible prophecy, as it points to the opening of the seals of REVELATION beginning in the summer of 2012!

While the first Seal of Revelation does not point to a literal white horse and rider as some believe, the divine structure of the Bible affirms the start of the Second Coming at the opening of the first Seal, as documented in Chapters 1-3 in my book.

A convergence of Revelation 6:1,2 and the arrival of Psalms 40:7, which took place on the Clock six days later on August 14, 2012, leaves no doubt that Jesus Christ himself is the crowned rider of Revelation sent forth to conquer the kingdoms of this world!  John affirms this again in Revelation 11:15.

While the white horse that brings Jesus out of heaven with His returning saints is literal, the white horse at the opening of the first Seal refers to his unseen conquest of the nations before his bodily return when the kingdom of heaven manifests physically on the Earth.

What this demonstrates is that what manifests in the physical must first take place in the spiritual!

God provided a marvelous sign on that day in 2012 to show us that the First Seal of Revelation had in fact opened! For more about that, see the Exhibit at the end of Chapter 1 of my book and the first Exhibit in Chapter 3. This event took place on exactly day 600 of the 4 Night Watches just as it was prophesied!  Note also that Noah was 600 years old at the time of the Flood!

In Matthew 24:32, Jesus foretold the restoration of Israel, which was physically manifest on May 14, 1948. But the final decree for this restoration took place on May 11, 1942, six years earlier, as revealed to me by an angel of the Lord in May of 2008! I had never heard such a thing, nor to my knowledge has any bible prophecy teacher taught this. It was nearly two years later that I was told by Jesus during a divine visitation where to find the document that would affirm the meaning of His instruction to me.

I was told by Jesus that morning at 2AM, one day before my birthday, just what to do and how to do it. It was an amazing experience, and it answered a mystery I had been holding deep within myself for two years. That document is now archived at this website and as an Exhibit in my book.

May 11, 1942 was a point of decree to bring about the restoration of the Jewish state, the modern nation of Israel. The countdown began that day and it will not end until the Lord physically descends out of heaven at the end of a four-part harvest soon to begin! 

Keep Watching!

Peter John Brandal

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